“The best story in the whole wide world!”
7yo, Redbridge Children’s Storytelling Festival

“It was brilliant and very funny!  I loved it!”
Isobel, age 9, Redbridge Children’s Storytelling Festival

“A tour de force!”
Festival co-ordinator, Beanstalk BookFest

“Show was great!  Children were so engaged and loved it.  Funny for adults too.  Thank you!”
Pooles Park Primary at Beanstalk BookFest

“The children were enthralled”
Monkfrith Primary at Beanstalk BookFest

“Thank you for having us, it was really funny and I liked it when we could participate”
Lynden, Y6, Sacred Heart Primary at Beanstalk BookFest

“So clever considering there were just two actors and a few props portraying many characters!  Great audience interaction and involvement.  The CD is just as funny as the show!  #TeamSvetlana!”
Parent, Courtyard Arts Centre

“It was incredible!”
Amelia, age 5, Courtyard Arts Centre

“Very funny!  Very clever!  Can’t wait to see you again!”
Parent, Courtyard Arts Centre

“You rock!  I am so encouraged to read more”
Hannah, age 8, Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival

“Thank you so much for being part of our festival – you were fantastic!”
Natasha, organiser, Brentwood Children’s Literary Festival

“What a rare pleasure it was to have Really Big Pants perform for us.  Keeping a school entertained from Reception to Year 6 is quite a feat, but the show had a rapt audience.  So much content that can be explored in the classroom… a real must-see!”
Mrs Roberts, class teacher, Cheapside Primary

“It was great!  The storyline was fun to follow and the characters were very unique.  I would give it 10/10!”
Colette, age 11, Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

“We loved Red because she was ‘Adventurous, Brave and Courageous’.  And she had great manners”
Naomi and Beatrice, age 5, Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

“Classic British nonsense.  Loved it :)”
Parent, Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

“Such a great show – you were terrific!”
Festival co-ordinator, Family Day & Schools Day, Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival

“We loved the show – the children were spellbound!  What a fantastic, energetic and hilarious performance!”
Parent, Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival

“Awesome!  We were in stitches!”
Parent, Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival

“Spellbound from the start… it’s thoroughly entertaining, but there’s also a strong educational aspect to the show… performed with infectious energy and enthusiasm”
Theatre Things

“I love this show, it has inspired me to write my own stories and plays”
Tilly, age 9, Cockpit Theatre

“You’re both brilliant!  Thank you for giving us such joy and making us all laugh.  The children loved it!”
Suzanne, aunt, Cockpit Theatre

“Hilarious, full of energy, and great lessons for life.  And we listened to the audiobook as soon as we got back, and loved it”
Fay, parent, Cockpit Theatre

“We had a great time and thank you so much for your boundless energy!  It has been a fabulous World Book Day for children big and small!”
Mrs King, Y2 teacher and literacy co-ordinator, Dulwich Village Infants’

“A big thank you – the show was great and the children really enjoyed it.  Hope you will return to Melcombe!”
Miss Frost, Y1 teacher and literacy co-ordinator, Melcombe Primary

“Phenomenal performance as well as story”
Jeanine, parent, audiobook launch, Waterstones Chiswick

“Amazing performance and a deep moral behind.  It touched me.  Very well done”
Marianna, parent, audiobook launch, Waterstones Chiswick

“Very funny and a big adventure”
Elia, age 7, ArchWay With Words Book Festival

“FANTASTIC.  Funny, educational and engaging – a great hour for the kids”
Parent, Chiswick Book Festival

“Really funny writing and performances!  Adults loved it as much as the kids.  Encore!”
Harriet, parent, Chiswick Book Festival

“We had such a great time!  My child really enjoyed the show and so did I!!”
Blanca, parent, Karamel Kids

“Amazing!  You are such wonderful storytellers.  The staging and movement across the floor as well as your acting and audience interaction is fantastic.  We’ll come again and again until my children outgrow you!”
Amy, parent, Watermill Theatre

“It made me very happy”
Emily, age 5, Watermill Theatre

“Lovely!  So clever.  My girls (7, 7, 10) enjoyed it very much!”
Parent, Watermill Theatre

“Brilliant!  It’s the second show we have seen by you and it didn’t disappoint.  Keep making great shows!”
Parent, Watermill Theatre

“We’d love to work with you again – it was wonderful!  Perfect for the Summer Reading Challenge”
Staff, Hammersmith Library

“The children really loved the performance – it was great sitting where I was near the front because you could see all of their rapt faces!  The teachers all enjoyed it too!”
Miss Anson, deputy head, St Gabriel’s Primary

“I think all children of primary school age would benefit from the show.  Brilliant actors – the children absolutely loved it!  They were talking about it all day!”
Miss Mistry, assistant principal, Lena Gardens Primary

“We definitely want you back!  The children were so into it… the looks on their faces!”
Miss Weitzman, Y6 teacher, Lena Gardens Primary

“Years 3-6 were utterly gripped… the children all loved the performance especially the fact they didn’t just sit back and watch, instead they all had the opportunity to get involved with actions and sound effects.  The hall was filled with laughter and wonder!”
Miss O’Donnell, Y4 teacher, St Boniface Primary

“Thank you once again – the children really enjoyed themselves!”
Mrs Lowe, FS & KS1 leader, St Matthew’s Primary

“The children loved it.  Will keep an eye out for your new show!”
Miss McMullan, Y4 teacher, Hallfield Primary

“Huge thanks for bringing Suddenly…! to Oaklands as part of our Reading Week.  We LOVED it!”
Ms Packham, deputy head, Oaklands Primary

“Fantastic… supported the love of reading and telling stories – perfect for our book week!  All the children absolutely loved the show”
Miss Castle, Y6 teacher, Oaklands Primary

“What a wonderful mix of performing arts and literacy for children, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on their next visit”
Nana, KS2 teacher, Avondale Park Primary

“I didn’t think that only two people could keep Year 3 entertained for an hour, let alone Year 6 and the teachers, but every time I looked around the assembly was in stitches and applause.  I could have watched all afternoon”
Debbie, KS2 teacher, Avondale Park Primary

“How many stories can you get in one play?  It was amazing!  I can’t believe I knew all of them”
Shy, age 7, Avondale Park Primary

Suddenly…! has got to be the funniest play ever, and it taught me to make sure I always have good manners”
Julie, age 6, Avondale Park Primary

“A thoroughly enjoyable show that acts as a great springboard into storytelling and creative writing”
Matt, Reception teacher, Gospel Oak Primary

“Well presented for the age range and kept the children’s attention brilliantly.  We did some writing afterwards that was superb!  Great stimulus for further activities”
Toby, KS1 teacher, Gospel Oak Primary

“I thought it was really clever how there were only two of them playing so many characters and how they kept changing costumes”
Betsabe, Y2 student, Gospel Oak Primary

“I really liked that they were in their pyjamas and when my friend got to be in the show as the postman”
Hanna, Y1 student, Gospel Oak Primary

“It was great how they changed their voices and their expressions to become lots of different characters”
Tye, Y2 student, Gospel Oak Primary

Suddenly…! put a unique spin on familiar and much-loved stories, and the children were both engaged and entertained.  I would definitely recommend the show to schools and libraries”
Sumbo, events co-ordinator, Primrose Hill Library

“They were really inspiring and it made me want to write a play”
Naomi, age 10, Primrose Hill Library

Suddenly…! was brilliant.  Great story and a moral too… thank you!”
Minnie, age 6, Primrose Hill Library

“Entertaining from start to finish.  My six-year-old has been asking when we can watch it again.  I’ll definitely be looking out for more shows by Really Big Pants”
Summer, parent, Lauderdale House

“I have never laughed so much at a children’s play.  The acting was captivating and witty.  An excellent show for the whole audience”
Dani, parent, Lauderdale House

“We just thought it was fab!  Kids laughed loads and were engaged throughout, excellent job.  More please”
Home Education Hub parents at Museum of London Docklands

“We love your show, Maggie and Roy, please do it again!”
Y2, Seven Kings Primary at Museum of London Docklands

“We were SO impressed by the standard and quality of the performance.  The children were still singing the recycle song back at school”
Miss O’Brien, Y2 teacher, St Joachim’s Primary at Museum of London Docklands

“I just loved it and I think that it was the best thing I’ve ever watched”
Angel, Y4, St Leonard’s Primary at Museum of London Docklands

“Thank you very much.  Great show and important message”
Grandma, Hazlitt Theatre

“I loved your show!”
Isabelle, age 7, Hazlitt Theatre

“45 wonderful minutes of being a child again”
Grandpa, age 73, Chiswick Book Festival

“Fabulous, funny, exciting, engaging.  Thank you so much!”
Parent, Chiswick Book Festival

“A great message – using the turtle definitely had a big impact.  Mixing with the silly jokes meant they listened to every word”
Parent, Chiswick Book Festival

“We really enjoyed it, especially the egg part!  Thank you”
William, Charlie & Jake, age 5, The Hawth, Crawley

“The looks on their faces were unbelievable – pure joy from Nursery all the way to Year 6”
Bevington Primary

“Brilliant and bonkers!”
Parent, Devizes Arts Festival

“A great message in a fun way!”
Festival co-ordinator, Devizes Arts Festival

“It was brilliant, the children all loved it”
Y3 teacher, St Augustine’s Primary

“I loved the show because it was lots of fun!”
Anya, age 6, Karamel Kids

“Fantastic, engaging and creative show.  Thank you!”
Parent, Karamel Kids

“Cool show for kids and adults to enjoy as family.  Will be looking out for your next one”
Parent, Karamel Kids

“It was a great show and the children LOVED it!  Already looking forward to next time!”
Ms Packham, deputy head, Oaklands Primary

“Elena wishes Really Big Pants could come to Oaklands EVERY DAY! #bigfan”
Parent, Oaklands Primary

“Excellent show.  Brilliantly acted”
Parent, Courtyard Arts Centre

“Fantastic show.  We sang the recycle song all the way home!”
Janette, parent, Mill Arts Centre

“Funny faces on the time travel scenes were inspired.  Thanks for a great afternoon”
Team Turner and the Joneses, Mill Arts Centre

“Fantastic show – my little boy absolutely loved it!”
Rebekah, parent, Mill Arts Centre

“Fabulous show – lots of fun learning!  Splendid acting from a dazzling duo!  Superb”
Emily and Grandma, Cryer Theatre

“Fabulous, loved the show, perfect choice of songs.  Loved the touch of education re recycling”
Parent, Cryer Theatre

“One of the best children’s comedy shows I’ve ever seen – it was absolutely sensational and I can’t wait to see more from the Really Big Pants Theatre Company”
Lou Lou, age 11, Barnes Fringe Festival

“Thank you for your fantastic contribution to the Recycle Challenge festival!  I was really impressed by the show”
Aisling, family festival co-ordinator, Museum of London Docklands

“Loved the pirate theatre!  Brilliant!”
Parent, Museum of London Docklands

“We saw our son transformed through the theatre piece – amazing to see his engagement with it”
Parent, Museum of London Docklands

“A sincere story of friendship, teamwork and Roycycling.  There’s lots of audience interaction and plenty of the cheeky humour you would expect from a company named after oversized undies.  It’s not easy to create this style of pop-up theatre, able to adapt to a range of venues and hugely varying age ranges, and creating shows that can tackle varied subjects and different bits of the curriculum… a successfully sweet, educationally-focused experience”
Children’s Theatre Reviews

“What a triumph – great to see the theatre so full of pirates!  We look forward to welcoming you back”
Paul Hart, artistic director, Watermill Theatre

“The show was brilliant, my son and I really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to seeing you again!”
Rosanna, parent, Watermill Theatre

“Fantastic show. Great to have an excuse to dress as pirates too”
Samantha, parent, Watermill Theatre

“A great show, and what a valuable experience these workshops have been”
Mr Whittle, Y4 teacher, St Luke’s Primary

“A brilliant afternoon at the theatre.  We sang ‘Reduce it…’ all the way home”
Paul, parent, Cockpit Theatre

“Thanks for making your shows with such love, humour and care.  My six-year-old is still singing the recycling song!”
Sophie, parent, Gospel Oak Primary

“As well as the environment content, Plundered! is also a great starting point for English (storytelling/drama unit).  We all really enjoyed the show and making treasure maps while singing the songs afterwards”
Kelly, KS1 teacher, Gospel Oak Primary

“The puppets were really engaging for
the children, plus a good range of different characters!  Great enthusiasm”
Toby, KS1 teacher, Gospel Oak Primary

“The audience included some children with developing English, some with short concentration spans and some who can sit glued to a screen but not when listening to a story – all watched you for close to an hour!!  We really loved it”
Nicky, Head of EYFS, Gospel Oak Primary

“I got 10 out of 10 in the quiz in the work pack!  I can’t wait for their next show”
Alex, age 9

“I loved it!  It’s really funny and it made me think of things I’d never really thought about before, like how many plastic bags are floating around the world”
Tess, age 8

Plundered! is a GREAT show!  It’s such a brilliant idea.  Our planet is drowning in plastic.  A turtle found on a beach in Mexico had 280 plastic bags in its stomach and had starved and choked to death.  Millions of bottles and bags are used every day and the tiny amount of recycling cannot address the problem.  Education is the only answer.  Let’s teach our young children about pollution and hopefully produce a generation of kids that are aware and can teach their parents the dangers of plastic.  It’s a wonderful thing Really Big Pants Theatre is doing”
Alison Steadman, actress, children’s author, and conservationist